How to Make Colored Sugar

With the holidays fast approaching, everyone seems to be getting ready in one way or another.  My kids’ school already had its annual Christmas fair and is getting ready for gingerbread house decorating for the elementary and middle school students.

One of the easiest way to dress up baked goods is to use sprinkles and colored sugars.  These days there are a gazillion different sprinkles in all kinds of shapes and colors imaginable.  Kids especially LOVE sprinkles and tend to go a little bit overboard with them whether it is decorating cookies or sprinkling them on ice cream, but who can blame them?  They are so much fun to use.

Another great resource is sanding sugar, which is basically colored sugar which is a bit coarser than regular table sugar.  Now these sanding sugars go for $4~6 for a 4 oz bottle.  Kinda ridiculous when you consider the fact that the cost of regular sugar is a fraction of that.  So a few years ago, I decided to see if I could make my own colored sugar and searched the web.  I found out that not only is it cheap to make your own colored sugar but it is REALLY easy!  An added bonus is that you can also make any color you want.

Well, I guess it is only cheap if you already have the gel paste colors that are used in cake decorating, but I already had tons of those so it wasn’t a problem.  You can use just regular sugar or coarse sugar, or any kind of sugar for that matter, as long as it is white.

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The process could not be simpler.  You put some sugar in a Ziploc bag, add a bit of coloring using a toothpick, close the bag, rub away until all the sugar in the bag is uniformly colored and tada!  You have your colored sugar!  Told you this was easy!

Now that you know this little secret, you can create all the different colored sugar you want!  Have fun using these to coat the exterior of ice box cookies, sprinkle on cupcakes, decorate cookies – the possibilities are endless!