Spices for Christmas Baking Plus Mustafa

In preparation for Christmas baking workshops that I will be conducting in early December, I ventured out to Mustafa (“If you can’t find it in Mustafa, it doesn’t exist”) on a quest to gather holiday spices.

I always get a kick out of visiting ethnic markets and salivate at the sight of exotic foods and products with never-heard-of names.  Not only is Mustafa open 24 hours, it is also humongous and sells everything you can ever imagine.  Kinda like Target or Walmart but ten times bigger.  I headed up to the 2nd floor where the market is located and proceeded to peruse the aisles.

2013-11-19 08.21.48

I was greeted by what must have been at least 100 different kinds of rice, albeit mainly basmati.  Wading through the vast space, I ran into the baking section.  Joy!

2013-11-19 08.25.10 2013-11-19 08.29.55 2013-11-19 08.32.11 2013-11-19 08.35.26

But I”m not here to get baking supplies.  I’m here to get spices!  Did I find them?  You bet I did.  A whole aisleful of them!

2013-11-19 08.49.46 2013-11-19 09.05.21

Oh, I wish I had a better picture!  The best part is that, on the whole, you can get ingredients for much cheaper than at your neighborhood grocery store.  In fact, Betty Crocker Super Moist cake mixes were $2.50 here as opposed to $4.50 at Fair Price!

2013-11-19 08.37.08 2013-11-19 09.53.09

The result of today’s trip 🙂

2013-11-19 10.48.57

I have a feeling that I will be returning to Mustafa very soon….!


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